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Welcome to Quilter's Paradise, the leader in kitting and cutting services for the quilting market. We collaborate with businesses, such as fabric manufacturers, quilt and sewing retailers, distributors, designers and teachers, to bring innovative and time-saving laser-cut and pre-cut products and kits to market. Our twin goals are to help improve these businesses' bottom line and to cut the time and effort for quilters to get their projects done! We do serve customers in other industries who have need for fabric cutting services, such as crafts. sewing, home decor, apparel, sporting, and more!

Together with my husband, Mark, we started laser cutting many years ago in 2008 because our high-tech, engineering backgrounds needed an outlet and a challenge. At the time, we were running one of Southern California's premier, full-service quilt shops, and the laser-cut kits and acrylic rulers and templates that we made were a nice complement to the retail storefront. Little did we know then the great interest that would appear and just how popular laser-cut kits would become! In fact, it got to the point that in late 2012, we had to close our retail storefront to handle the growing demand and make room for more lasers, more equipment and more people.       High tech and retail background

Laser cutting pioneer
In the spring of 2013, we acquired our first Gerber Cutter to complement our laser cutting. Like the lasers, it is computer controlled, very accurate, and programmable as to the shapes it cuts. However, its cutting area is much larger and it can cut up to 100 plies at a time. It's the perfect machine to make pre-cuts, such as 2-1/2" strips, 5" squares, 10" squares, hexagons, circles, tumblers, half-square triangles (with the tips cut off!) - and more - accurately and in high volume. And, it's allowed us to innovate and introduce new pre-cuts since virtually any shape you can draw can be cut!       Fully programmable, highly accurate cutting machines

Can produce in volume

Intoduced innovative new pre-cuts
With increasing interest in and demand for quilt kits, we have broadened our capabilities to make quilt kits of all types. In fact, we believe we are the only company in the industry that can make all quilt kit types including laser-cut appliqué, fully pre-cut pieced, and cut yardage kits - all in volume and done right.       Unrivaled kitting services
We make all of our products in our 20,000 square foot facility near San Diego, California. Making many thousands of pre-cuts and kits every month we have the staff, equipment, experience and know-how to tackle virtually any kitting or cutting project.       Highly trained and experienced staff

Able to deliver in volume - on time with quality

Made in USA
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Sue Mezera
Owner of
Quilter's Paradise
"It has been truly rewarding working in the quilting industry and helping so many people over the years. I never envisioned the path it has taken me ... from starting a Longarm quilting business in my home, to owning a quilt shop, and now running a high-tech laser cutting and pre-cut operation producing products that didn't exist only a few, short years ago. I hope you'll try our cutting and kitting services and discover how much they help your business!"

Happy Quilting!

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