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Garden Patch Cats

Do you like cats or know someone who does? If so, then these sooooo cute kits, designed by Helene Knott for StoryQuilts, are for you! All of the cat pieces are already laser-cut for you in the fabrics shown with fusible adhesive attached, so you can get this done easily in a single day! Combine multiple cat kits into a single quilt or create one individually ... perfect for quilts, wall hangings, decorative pillow cases, whatever! There are plans for 24 in all, so come back and see the new ones as they are added. Kit includes pattern and laser-cut pieces with fusible attached. You choose your own fabrics (not included) for the background, binding and optional border. Finished size (including border) is 18" x 18".

Boscat Photo
Price: $19.95
Kittney Bean Photo
Kittney Bean
Price: $19.95
Yammy Cat Photo
Yammy Cat
Price: $19.95
Cobby Cat Photo
Cobby Cat
Price: $19.95
Le Arti-Chat Photo
Le Arti-Chat
Price: $19.95
Aspurragus Photo
Price: $19.95
Strawpurry Photo
Price: $19.95
Bluepurry Photo
Price: $19.95

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