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LeaderMateTM Quilt Mounting System
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits to the LeaderMate System?

Given a choice, many, and probably most, Longarm / Midarm quilters would prefer not to have to spend the tedious time and effort to pin their quilts to mount them. Zipper and Velcro® systems alleviated the discomfort of standing at and leaning over your machine to pin the quilt tops and backing to the leaders. However, you still have to take the time to pin the quilt top and backing to the zipper/Velcro leader extensions and suffer from pin pricks ... and pin pricks can cause blood to get on the quilt.

By contrast, the LeaderMate Quilt Mounting System completely eliminates pinning (and sewing, basting and stapling) from the mounting process. There is no risk of and pain from pin pricks, and you save valuable time and effort in loading and unloading your quilts. There's no need to prepare your quilt ahead of time to load it (e.g., pin your quilt to a zipper or Velcro leader extension); instead, you simply load your quilt directly onto the machine. And, it minimizes mounting mistakes and the time to flip quilts.

In addition, quilts are attached straight, without ripples and with uniform tension along the entire length of the quilt edge. Unfortunately, pinning can introduce ripples because the quilt is pinned at periodic intervals along the quilt edge and, thus, the quilt edge between the pins is not secured.

How much time will the LeaderMate Quilt Mounting System save me?

The amount of time saved depends on the method that you currently use. Based on our own experiences and feedback that we have received from customers who are using the LeaderMate System, you should be able to mount and unmount your quilts in less than half the time it takes you today. For professional Longarmers, time savings mean cost savings and the ability to do more quilts and decrease turnaround time.

Will the LeaderMate System work on my machine?

Yes. The LeaderMate System will work with any Longarm / Midarm machine.

How does the LeaderMate System work?

The key to the patent-pending LeaderMate Quilt Mounting System is the use of very lightweight and sturdy, non-breakable steel channels into which the quilt top and backing are placed. Channels come in 18-inch and 24-inch lengths and are attached quickly and easily via Velcro to the leaders. You lay as many channels as you need end-to-end to mount the quilt.

To secure the quilt in the channels, you insert an elastic strip and clips. This process goes fast and results in a quilt that is mounted straight, without ripples and with uniform tension along the entire length of the quilt.

Is the LeaderMate System hard to install?

No. Installation is a one-time activity and requires that you to sew the provided 3/4-inch hook Velcro onto your leaders. This can be done by your Longarm / Midarm machine or by using a domestic sewing machine. Once the hook Velcro has been sewn onto the leader, you simply attach the channels to the hook Velcro and mount your quilt.

How do I determine what LeaderMate System I need to get?

You need to know two simple things: (1) The size of your Longarm / Midarm frame; and (2) How many rollers you want to use the LeaderMate System on. Given your frame size, just look up the configuration in the table below that matches or comes closest to your situation. As to the number of rollers, Longarm / Midarm machines generally come with 3 rollers and so you would normally need channels for all 3 rollers. However, if you always fully float your top, then you would only need the LeaderMate System for 2 rollers.

Standard LeaderMate System Configurations
Frame Length Maximum Supported Quilt Length
6 Foot Frame 51 inches
8 Foot Frame 93 inches
10 Foot Frame 105 inches
12 Foot Frame 135 inches
14 Foot Frame 147 inches

If you have any questions about what you need for your machine, please don't hesitate to contact us ... we'll be glad to help. Contact information can be found at the end of this Frequently Asked Questions page.

How many clips do I have to use with the channels? Are they hard to insert?

The clips are easy and fast to both insert and remove and should be spaced at intervals of approximately 6 inches. Please note that you get 5 clips with each 18-inch channel and 6 clips with each 24-inch channel. Hence, you receive one extra clip for each channel in case you lose or misplace one.

Are the channels heavy?

No. The channels are made of sturdy, non-breakable, lightweight steel. Including the channel, elastic insert and clips, an 18-inch channel weighs only 3 ounces and a 24-inch channel weighs only 5 ounces.

Suppose I am working on multiple quilts and want to get them prepared for quilting on a Longarm / Midarm machine. Do I need to purchase extra channels?

No. You only purchase the channels required for the Longarm / Midarm machine. Unlike other systems, such as Zipper and Velcro systems, quilts do NOT need to be prepared for loading. When your quilt is ready to be quilted, you just load it onto the machine! This is a big cost savings for situations where a machine is used by multiple people. Additionally, if you are in the middle of quilting a quilt and another quilt needs to be started before the first quilt is done, you can very quickly unmount the first quilt and mount the second quilt.

Will the channels cause any problems when rolling onto the roller?

Not at all. The channel is only 1/8-inch in height.

Is it ok if the end of a channel extends a little beyond the edge of my leader?

Yes. Normally, your largest quilt will not be larger than your leader and extend past the leader's edge. However, should the situation arise where the quilt extends a few inches past the edge of the leader, you can mount your quilt to that part of the channel that extends past the leader's edge.

Does the LeaderMate System support thicker, heavier materials such as flannel and Minky?


Suppose I later upgrade to a larger Longarm / Midarm machine. Can I order extra channels?

Yes. You can order as many 18-inch and 24-inch channels as you wish.

I have a long frame but am only working on smaller quilts. Can I order a LeaderMate system just for working on smaller quilts and later upgrade it to support larger quilts?

Yes. Just look at the table of standard LeaderMate system configurations above and select the configuration whose maximum supported quilt length best matches your requirements. At a later time, you can order as many 18-inch and 24-inch channels as you like to support larger quilts. When you do this, you will also need more of the hook Velcro that is sewn onto the leader. The hook Velcro can be "pieced" meaning you can simply add more hook Velcro starting at the ends of the existing hook Velcro that is already on your leaders.

When not in use, how do I store the LeaderMate System?

You can just leave the channels on the leaders with the elastic strips inside. Channels not needed for a quilt, such as a small, baby quilt, can be easily stored on a shelf, in a cabinet or in a deep drawer. We recommend that you keep the clips in a jar or can when not in use.

I currently use a zipper system. Can I use the LeaderMate System with it?

Yes. As an option, you can leave the zipper system always zipped and attached to your machine's leader. You would sew the hook (hard) Velcro onto the part of the zipper system that would attach to your quilt. The LeaderMate System channels would then attach to that part of the zipper system. Alternatively, you can choose to completely replace your zipper system.

How do I order the LeaderMate system?

You can order using the standard configurations as listed in the table above or a la carte. When ordering by standard configuration, you need to determine which standard configuration you want and how many rollers you want that standard configuration for. When ordering a la carte, you must specify the quantity of each item that you want: 18-inch channels, 24-inch channels, and hook Velcro. For example, you may already have hook Velcro or are using a Velcro mounting system. Or, you may already have the LeaderMate system and wish to obtain additional channels. In these situations, ordering a la carte is appropriate.

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Further details can be found in the LeaderMate System Directions. However, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us:

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