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Mark Tiedeman of Quilter's Paradise

Many quilters are involved in making charity quilts for people in need. This wonderful and worthwhile effort makes a huge difference in the recipients' lives. Especially children ... nothing beats seeing the smile on a child's face and how they hold, hug and snuggle with their newly acquired quilt.

Of course, the path to making the hundreds and thousands of charity quilts isn't always smooth or easy. Life happens, things get in the way, and there's always something else that has to get done ... and, before you know it, you've got a zillion quilt tops to make and another jillion quilt tops to quilt. Then the deadline for getting them all done looms closer and closer and you wonder "How will I ever get this all done?"

If you can relate to this, then you can relate to this Dr. Seuss-like story about Flo-I-Sew and her quilt quest.


I sew and sew
And sew and sew
I go go go!

I sew all day
I sew all night
I sew in dark
I sew in light

I sew when high
I sew when low
I must not stop!
Oh no! No! No!

I sew and quilt
I quilt and sew
But which is which?
I do not know

I have the itch
To stitch and stitch
I stitch to scratch
My itch to stitch

Each year I make
Quilts by the ton
For kids in need
Both old and young

They bring a smile
A big wide grin
And keep them warm
From toe to chin

Oh me, oh my!
Oh my, oh me!
Can I get done
These quilts to be?

These quilts to be
Are stacked so high
I think they stretch
Into the sky

I must work fast
I must start soon
Or else my stack
Will reach the moon

I must start at
The one on top
Or else my stack
Will fall and flop

So up I go
Just like a cat
I must not fall
And make a splat

But if a cat
Sat on the flat
Top where I'm at
I would not chat
I'd get that bat
And tell him "scat"!
That would be that
For that fat cat!

Down I slide
In hand with quilt
I must get done
This stack I built

I must stay up
I must not yawn
For I must quilt
From dusk 'til dawn

My eyes are red
From working late
The seams I sew
I can't keep straight!

So much to make
So much to do
The stack top's still
Far out of view

Oh what to do?
Oh what to try?
I must think quick
Before I cry

What if I
Could use my feet?
I'd make two quilts
At once, how sweet!

My hands will quilt
My feet will sew
Or should I change
Which way to go?

Oh dear, oh drat
Oh drat, oh dear
I'm so mixed up
I'm stuck, I fear

I need some help
I need a whiz
I need to call

"I've quilts to make
For all the kids
Can you help me
Now, Quilts-Is-Liz?"

"I'm glad to help
Make all there is
I'll be right there"
Said Quilts-Is-Liz

"Thank-you, thank-you
Now I can say
We're back in biz!"

Back to the top
Again, again
More quilts to make
It never ends

I need more pins
I need more thread
I need more time
I need my bed!

Sometimes I mend
Sometimes I patch
Sometimes I must
Make colors match

Sometimes it's blue
Sometimes it's red
Sometimes I pick
Green instead

Quilt, quilt, quilt
All through the night
We must get done
Before daylight

Oh jeez, oh gosh
Oh gosh, oh jeez
This making quilts
Is like a breeze

Before too long
The stack is gone
It's not quite yet
The crack of dawn

There's quilts for girls
And quilts for boys
I clap my hands
And jump for joy

To Quilts-Is-Liz
My dear old friend
"Thank-you, thank-you!
We've reached the end!"

Now time to sleep
And take it slow
To dream of quilts

2011 Quilter's Paradise