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Grip-LiteTM Side Clamp Frequently Asked Questions

How many clamps are in a set?

There are 2 clamps in a single set.

How many side clamps should I use on each side of my quilt?

Based on our observations and feedback from other Long/Mid-arm'ers, whether two clamps are used on each side of the quilt or just one is based on personal preference and the size of the machine being used. Roughly speaking, people using the larger Longarm machines tend to use two clamps on each side of the quilt. Those with the smaller Midarms seem to be split down the middle with about half using one set of clamps and the other half using two sets of clamps.

Will the clamps distort my quilt by pulling too hard?

No. Weighing only 4 ounces including the Velcro® strap, the Grip-Lite side clamps don't weight the quilt down unlike other side clamps. Also, the Grip-Lite side clamps' jaws are 6 inches wide providing a more uniform grip across the mounted quilt thereby avoiding distortion.

How close can I quilt to the clamps?

Normally, quilting doesn't need to occur near the clamps since the clamps grip the backing fabric which is wider than the quilt top by several inches. However, if necessary, you can quilt very close to the clamps since the machine head will generally glide under them. If the machine head comes into contact with the clamps under the quilt, it will dislodge the Grip-Lite side clamp and not become "stuck" as it would with other, heavy clamps.

What does it mean that the Velcro straps are "double-sided" and what are its dimensions?

The Velcro strap will attach to itself because one side is the hook side and the other side is the loop side. This allows the Grip-Lite side clamps to attach easily to any frame. The strap is about 6 feet long and 3/8" wide. Also, there is a short piece of elastic sewn onto the Velcro and that loops through a hole on the clamp. This facilitates clamping the clamps onto the quilt.

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