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Pieced Quilt Kits

With out mission being Making Quilting Simpler, our pieced kits are not your typical cut yardage kits. Some of our kits are fully pre-cut in which all of the pieces in the kit are already cut for you! You start by sewing! In other kits, the fabric provided is in the form of squares and rectangles - you can cut the necessary pieces from them using a smaller, more manageable work space. And many kits have binding strips already cut for you saving you time and effort!

Kits are organized by designer; click on a pattern designer's name to see all of the pieced quilt kits we have for that designer.

           Elizabeth Hartman

           Quilter's Paradise

Please Note

We select the fabrics that are used in the kits that we make; unless otherwise noted, the fabrics selected may not match the fabrics that the pattern designer may have recommended. Also, we make every effort to select fabric in our kits that is reorderable over time. Unfortunately, from time-to-time, fabric manufacturers may discontinue production of a fabric that we use and we do not necessarily get forewarning when that happens. We then select and use a close substitute. Hence, a kit you receive may not exactly match the depiction in our catalog or web site.

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