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Laser-Cut Kit Appliqué Ironing
Helpful Hints and Tips

Following are some helpful hints and tips for ironing the appliqué pieces in our kits based on questions we have gotten.

When I removed the pieces from my kit, some of the appliqué pieces are folded. What should I do?

The reason some pieces in your kit are folded is that they are larger than the kit packaging. You can return these appliqué pieces to their original shape by pressing the fold out using a silk temperature setting on your iron with the paper still attached. (See below for more information about silk temperature setting.)

What fusible adhesive is used in the kits?

The fusible used is HeatnBond® Lite manufactured by Therm O Web, Inc. ( www.thermoweb.com).

Why did you choose Heat N' Bond Lite?

There are several reasons. First, based on our testing and feedback from others, we found that Heat N' Bond Lite has a much superior shelf life compared to other available fusible adhesives. It is important to note that there is a time lag between when a fusible is applied in the kit-making process, when that kit is sold to a customer, and when that kit is actually put together by that customer. This time lag can be weeks to many months and the fusible needs to work properly when the customer uses it.

Second, we have purchased large quantities of Heat N' Bond Lite from the manufacturer on a regular basis over several years and have never had a supply or delivery problem.

Finally, Heat N' Bond Lite is more cost-effective than other fusible adhesives making the kits more cost-effective to produce and sell.

What is a silk temperature setting?

It is a medium-low temperature that is below such settings as wool, cotton and permanent press.

Why is setting my iron to a silk setting important?

If you use too low of a heat setting, the adhesive won't adhere. If you use too high of a heat setting, the adhesive can disintegrate.

The temperature settings shown on my iron don't have a silk setting. What should I do?

There are countless makes and models of irons and a wide variety of temperature controls and settings. And, it is important to note that there can be variances among irons, even ones of the same model. If this is the first time you are using the iron on one of our laser-cut kits, we suggest you take the following steps to determine where to set your iron's temperature. Even if your iron has a silk setting on the temperature control and this is the first time you are using the iron, we recommend you follow these steps.

  1. Select an appliqué piece from the kit and cut a small piece of scrap from it to test with.

  2. Set the temperature to what you believe is a medium-low heat.

  3. Once the iron has reached that temperature, try adhering it to a piece of scrap fabric by pressing for 6-8 seconds. If the temperature is too low, the piece will not adhere and you will see the adhesive still on the appliqué piece. If the temperature is too high, the piece will not adhere and the adhesive will have disintegrated and no longer be on the appliqué piece.

  4. Adjust your iron's temperature, as appropriate, and try again until the the piece adheres. (Note that you may need to cut another piece of scrap from one of the appliqué pieces in the kit.)

Suppose I overheat a fusible appliqué piece and the adhesive disintegrates. What should I do?

Apply a temporary adhesive using a glue pen/stick or baste-it.

How long should I press with an iron?

When adhering one appliqué piece to another, press the two pieces for about 2 seconds. For the final pressing (typically to the background fabric), press in place for 6 - 8 seconds. What you want to avoid is repeated and prolonged pressing of a fusible appliqué piece.

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