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Backing and Batting Calculator

This calculator determines how much yardage from a bolt of fabric is needed to make a backing for a quilt. It may also be used to determine how much batting you need for your quilt. You specify the width of the fabric on the bolt along with the quilt's width and length. You may also specify an overage amount which will be added to each side of the quilt. (The default is that no overage is added.)

The calculator assumes that the seam is done along the length dimension for the quilt (see picture below). Additionally, the calculator automatically incorporates a seam allowance by adding 1 inch for every seam (1/2 inch for each piece of fabric joined via the seam). The amount of yardage needed is rounded up to the nearest eighth of a yard.

For example, suppose the backing you need for a quilt is 52 inches wide by 96 inches long and the fabric you wish to use for the backing is on a bolt of fabric whose width is 43 inches. The yardage required is 5 1/3 yards. Here, the seam runs in the direction of the 96 inch side. Reversing the width and length of the quilt can yield a different amount of fabric required. In the example, reversing the width and length so that the width is now 96 inches and the length is 52 inches, yields a requirement of 4 1/3 yards. Here, the seam runs in the direction of the 52 inch side. Because different yardage amounts often result, the calculator performs two calculations: one with the width and length as you entered it and one with the width and length reversed.

In this example, if you wanted to specify an overage of 4 inches, then the calculator would determine how much yardage is required to cover an area 60 inches (52 + 4 + 4) by 104 inches (96 + 4 + 4).

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Enter the width of the fabric in inches (default is 43 inches).

Enter the dimensions of the quilt in inches and an overage amount, if desired. Then click the Calculate button. The yardage will then be calculated and shown below.

Width (inches):

Length (inches):


Overage (inches):


Yardage =   
Yardage =   

Please note that this picture is for illustrative purposes. The number of seams, if any, you will need is calculated and shown in the results.

This calculator is designed and copyrighted by Quilter's Paradise. It is available free to use strictly for non-commercial, personal purposes only. Quilter's Paradise makes no warranty or representation as to the calculator's quality, performance or accuracy, and, in no event, will be liable for any damages resulting from its use. When calculating the amount of fabric required, the calculators calculate what is needed given the information provided. The user of the calculator is responsibile for determining if they want to add additional "just in case" fabric to the calculation and, if so, how much. The user assumes the entire risk as to the calculator's quality, performance and accuracy.

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