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Binding Calculator

This calculator calculates the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the binding strip width. The calculator provides 2 calculations:
  1. "Regular" binding -  this is where the binding strips are cut parallel to the width of fabric on a bolt of fabric.

  2. Bias binding -  this is where the binding strips are cut on the bias.

To use the calculator, specify the width of the fabric (the calculator defaults to a value of 43 inches) along with the width and length of the quilt, and the desired binding strip width. The calculator provides:
  1. The total length of the binding (the perimeter of the quilt).

  2. The amount of fabric needed to cut the binding strips.

  3. The number of strips you must cut from the fabric ("regular" binding only).

Note on Flange Binding: a flange binding consists of 2 fabric strips sewn together along the long edge; the two strips may be of different fabrics. One strip is 1/4" wider than the other to account for the seam allowance when sewn together. If you are making a flange binding and need to calculate the yardage required, simply run the binding calculator twice, once for each strip taking care to specify the correct binding strip width for each strip.

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Enter the width of the fabric (default is 43 inches).
Enter the dimensions of the quilt in inches, select the binding strip width and click the Calculate button. The "regular" binding calculations are shown followed by the bias binding calculations.
Width (inches):    
Length (inches):    
Binding Strip Width (inches):    

"Regular" Binding Calculations

Total binding length (inches) =  
Number of strips to cut =  
Binding Yardage =  

Bias Binding Calculations

Bias strips are cut on the diagonal from a square or rectangular piece of fabric (see diagrams to the right). The calculator calculates how much fabric is needed using both approaches:
  1. For a square, the calculator calculates the size of the square of fabric that is needed.

  2. For a rectangle, the calculator calculates the yardage to be cut off a bolt of fabric (given the width of fabric entered above).

In both cases, the calculator adds some margin to the calculation to ensure there is adequate fabric and so you don't need to cut bias strips all the way to the corners of the square or rectangle. (Such strips would be very short and not as useful.)

Total binding length (inches) =  
Square Size (inches) =  
Yardage to be Cut from Bolt =  

This calculator is designed and copyrighted by Quilter's Paradise. It is available free to use strictly for non-commercial, personal purposes only. Quilter's Paradise makes no warranty or representation as to the calculator's quality, performance or accuracy, and, in no event, will be liable for any damages resulting from its use. When calculating the amount of fabric required, the calculators calculate what is needed given the information provided. The user of the calculator is responsibile for determining if they want to add additional "just in case" fabric to the calculation and, if so, how much. The user assumes the entire risk as to the calculator's quality, performance and accuracy.

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