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Custom Acrylic Rulers and Templates

Quilter's Paradise is a leading provider of custom acrylic rulers and templates for businesses in the quilting and sewing industries. Many types of businesses have taken and can take advantage of our services including:

The Quilter's Paradise Advantage

  • Over 15 years experience
  • Fast turnaround
  • Low minimums
  • High volume capacity with volume discounts available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Advanced quilting knowledge and expertise

    Contact Us to learn more and obtain a free estimate!
    • Fabric manufacturers,
    • Sewing machine manufacturers,
    • Quilt and sewing retailers,
    • Designers,
    • Teachers,
    • Longarmers, and
    • Vendors at quilt shows,
    In fact, any business in any industry who needs acrylic rulers, templates or shapes can make use of our services.

    We have worked with scores of customers from individual business people to small businesses to high volume, brand name providers of rulers and templates. We encourage you to review our frequently asked questions below and
    contact us for a free estimate for your project!

    Tell me more about the acrylic plastic that you use to cut.

    We use high-quality, cast acrylic plastic that is commonly referred to as "Plexiglass". Rulers and templates use 1/8-inch (3 mm) thick acrylic which is the thickness of rulers and templates that quilters and sewers use with a rotary cutter to cut and mark their fabric. The most common colors, by far, that we use are clear and transparent fluorescent green (a yellow-green). Custom engraved ruler

    Additionally, we make rulers and templates used on Midarm / Longarm machines. These templates are 1/4-inch thick and have a fluorescent green color.

    What information do you need to provide an estimate?

    There are 3 basic things we need to know:
    1. Shape

      Ideally, what we prefer is a "vectorized" computer-generated drawing. Popular vectorized file formats include ai, cdr, dxf and dwg. Pdf files may be vectorized; however, a pdf file created by scanning on a copier is not vectorized, but rather is a bitmap. Jpg and png files are also of a bitmap format. Bitmap files are not necessarily to scale.

      If a hardcopy drawing is provided, it is best to do so on graph paper; however, our accuracy is only as good as the drawing. If what is to be cut is a very simple shape, such as a square or circle, you can simply provide us the shape's dimensions.

    2. Color

      The most common colors are clear and transparent fluorescent green. Fluorescent green is a yellow-green and is best if there are lines and markings that need to be clearly visible.

    3. Quantity

      How many of the ruler/template that you want.

    Have you cut acrylic for things other than templates and rulers?

    Custom acrylic charm holder Yes! Examples incluce name tags, key chain fobs, purse and bag bottoms, and various quilting and sewing notions. Pictured to the right is a charm holder for a quilt run in which each shop in the run gave away a free charm. Additionally, for example, we cut templates for the shipping department of a large retailer for properly aligning shipping labels on boxes. And, we have engraved and cut mirrors such as the star depicted to the right. Engraved Mirror Star Shape

    What is your turnaround time?

    Turnaround time depends on the complexity and quantity of what is being made. However, typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from when you say "go". For higher volume jobs, it may be necessary for us to order more acrylic material which could require a little extra time.

    Will you custom engrave your CutRiteTM rulers and templates?

    Yes! Most popular are custom-engraving the seam guide followed by the HandiRuler and Mini-HandiRuler . They are perfect for branding your business and very reasonably priced.

    Do you provide screen printing capabilities?

    Not at this time. The templates and rulers that we have produced to date have writing and lines engraved onto them by the laser (versus being screen printed). There are 2 main advantages to engraving versus printing:
    1. Accuracy

      When silk screening, the acrylic pieces are first cut and then silk screened by a separate machine. This requires that the silk screening process be very exact when lining up the machinery with the piece to be printed so the markings and letters are printed precisely where they need to be. Based on input from some of our customers, while this works most of the time, errors do occur. When doing engraving, the engraving and cutting are all done by the same machine based on the same digital drawing so no errors occur.

    2. Durability

      Silk screen markings can wear off over time; engraved markings do not.

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