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Fabric Cutting and Kitting Services

"Anything you can draw can be cut!"

Quilter's Paradise is the leading provider of professional, high-quality fabric cutting and kitting services for the quilting and sewing markets. Laser cut Dresdent tulips Our services are performed by our highly trained and experienced staff using state-of-the-art equipment on-site at our facility near San Diego, California.

Who can take advantage of your fabric cutting and kitting services?

Many types of businesses have taken and can take advantage of our services including:
  • Fabric manufacturers,
  • Sewing machine manufacturers,
  • Quilt, sewing and apparel retailers,
  • Screen printing companies,
  • Designers,
  • Teachers, and
  • Vendors at shows,
We have worked with over a dozen leading fabric and sewing machine manufacturers as customers as well as some of the largest quilting retailers. We have also done a variety of work for customers outside the quilting and sewing markets including crafts. home decor, apparel, sporting, and more!

Why take advantage of our fabric cutting and kitting services?

We pioneered precision cutting and are the only company that can offer the full range of pre-cut shapes and kits - and in large volumes. Not only do we make standard pre-cuts, Fully pre-cut with Gerber cutter fabric pieces but our computer controlled Gerber and laser cutters can cut virtually any shape you want. Fully pre-cut with Gerber cutter double wedding ring kits For kits, we offer
  • Cut yardage,
  • Laser-cut appliqué,and
  • Fully pre-cut pieced kits.
Our highly trained staff has both a strong quality focus and "get it done" mentality in performing every job. Using our services, customers can concentrate on growing their business and delighting their customers!

How can I learn more?

Laser cutter for cutting fabric
Gerber cutter for cutting fabric
Gerber Cutter
To learn more about our cutting and kitting services, please read our Cutting and Kitting Services Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you a free, no-obligation price estimate for your project!

Take a short tour seeing the versatility of our programmable, automated Gerber cutter!
Watch our programmable, automated Gerber cutter cut pieces perfectly for a Double Wedding Ring quilt!
Take a short tour seeing the the laser cut fabric, engrave and cut acrylic for templates and rulers, and engrave a wine glass!

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