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The Thread Stem - Multi

The Thread Stem - Multi Photo

  Item # 031733
Price: $5.00

Want to use multiple spools or cones of thread on your home sewing or embroidery machine, but don't want to use a bulky, expensive and non-portable thread stand? The Thread Stem - Multi is the simple, cost-effective solution! Like its highly popular sibling, The Thread Stem, The Thread Stem - Multi is simple to use: just insert it onto your machine's spool pin (see pictures below) and thread it. However, The Thread Stem - Multi supports up to 10 spools and cones at a time! And, it features a new fast threading capability via slits cut into the side. If you need to handle more than 10 spools, no problem - just add another The Thread Stem - Multi! Its small size means you can take it with you anywhere, so even if you already own a thread stand, take The Thread Stem - Multi with you to class, on a trip, or wherever you go to sew. It works on virtually all sewing and embroidery machines.

Dimensions: 7-3/4" x 3/4"

10 Spools Vertical Spool Pin (Front View) Photo

The Thread Stem - Multi on a Vertical Spool Pin (Front View) with 10 Spools
Horizontal Spool Pin Photo

The Thread Stem - Multi on a Horizontal Spool Pin
Threading Thread Stem Multi Photo

Threading the Thread Stem - Multi

There are 10 numbered holes for supporting 10 different threads. A slit for each hole makes threading simple and fast!
10 Spools Top View Photo

10 Spools Top View
2 Thread Stem Multi on Horizontal Pin Photo

Thread Stem Multi's on Horizontal Pin

Note that an empty bobbin is used to separate the two Thread Stem Multi's from each other.

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