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Split Virginia Snowball - 6 Inch Finished

Split Virginia Snowball - 6 Inch Finished Photo

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The Split Virginia Snowball template set (2 templates) is the same as the Drunkard's Path template set except that the B ("L" shaped) Drunkard's Path template is divided in half. This allows you to create some amazing designs! And, with the Slit 'N Sew method, you'll have no trouble piecing everything together quickly and easily! View Instructions ...

To illustrate the versatility of the Split Virginia Snowball, the picture below shows 4 variations in which only the selection of the colors (blue and orange) for the B pieces is changed. Each variation has the same A piece color selection (red and pink). The upper right design creates a striped diagonal background effect and the lower left design creates a pinwheel in the center of the 4 circles created by the A pieces.

Split Virginia Snowball Quilt Samples

For additional ideas and inspiration, see what's on Pinterest.

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