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Red, White and Blue Placemats with the Slit 'N SewTM Apple Core Template

You can create interesting designs with the Apple Core shape including a "ripple effect" for the stripes in a flag! Join Kelly as she shows you how to make a patriotic placemat using the Apple Core Slit 'N Sew template.

Red, White and Blue Placemat

Red, White and Blue Placemat
Dimensions: 13" x 16"

To make this placemat, you will need to use the Slit 'N Sew 4 Inch Finished Apple Core template .

You may optionally add decorative stitching for stars.

Piece Quantity
Blue Apple Core 4
Red Apple Core 16
White Apple Core 10
Binding Two (2) 2-1/2" x 44" strips.

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