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Diamond Table Runner Using the Slit 'N Sew Diamond Templates

This video shows you how to make a gorgeous table runner in no time using the 60 Degree Slit 'N Sew Diamond Templates . With these templates, you'll be able to sew the diamond shapes together so that the points match perfectly with no pinning! Just sew to the next slit lining the slits up as you go!

60 Degree Diamond Table Runner

60 Degree Diamond Table Runner
Dimensions: 19" x 57"

To make this quilt, you will need the number of pieces shown in the table below. The border used in the sample is 1-3/4" wide finished. For additional information on using the 60 Degree Diamond Slit 'N Sew templates, please watch our video and consult the 9 Inch Finished directions and 4-1/2 Inch Finished directions.

Piece Quantity
9" Finished
A 18
D 4
4-1/2" Finished
A 54
B 8
C 20

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