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CutRite Bind Up

CutRite Bind Up Photo

  Item # 018184
Price: $10.95

Do you find it challenging to finish your binding by joining the two ends of the binding strip with a perfect mitred seam? If so, the CutRite Bind Up tool is your answer! It's fast and simple ... with no measuring required. It works on all binding strip widths and its fluroescent green color is easily seen on all fabrics! To learn more about how this tool works, read our simple instructions or click on the video below to watch a short video.

"I just had to let you know how great I found the CutRite Bind Up tool - I used it last night and my join was perfect. I have always struggled with this step, so thank you for providing a tool that makes it so easy."

"This is the best tool I have ever owned. If you are a quilter and haven't seen how this works check it out on youtube, you are going to want one and will wonder how you ever lived without it."

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