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Slit N Sew Name   Quilt Designer

Bring Your Slit 'N Sew Quilt Designs to Life!

During the year-long process we went through to develop and perfect the Slit 'N SewTM method and templates, we had plenty of opportunities to play with the templates and the pieces we cut out. It quickly became apparent to us that:

Wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly and easily create your own designs from the Slit 'N Sew shapes on a computer?

Wouldn't it be so much fun if you could fill in the shapes with whatever colors or fabrics you desired to see what the design would look like?

Some people have the gift of being able to envision in their mind what they want to create. But, for the rest of us, there's nothing like actually seeing ... and there's so much fun and joy creating exactly what you want before your very own eyes!

Quilt Designer Screen Shot What to do? We knew that there are very good (and sophisticated) computer programs to design quilts. But ...

Wouldn't it be great to come up with something that does the basics and could be made available to anyone for free?

Being software engineers and leveraging our experience in providing the most popular and widely used quilt calculators , we started building Slit 'N Sew Quilt Designer one small step at a time. After many months of development, tweaking and testing, we are ready to debut Quilt Designer!

What You Can Do With Slit 'N Sew Quilt Designer

DP, Melon and HST (Image Fill) Quilt Designer allows you to easily create block-oriented quilt designs such as Drunkard's Path. With just a click of the mouse, you can
  • add blocks,
  • remove blocks,
  • rotate blocks,
  • fill shapes within the blocks with colors or fabric swatch images,
  • copy blocks,
  • calculate yardage needed, and
  • save and share your designs.
To extend your creativity – and have even more fun:
  • there is support for some non Slit 'N Sew blocks (e.g., Half Square Triangle),
  • you can incorporate multiple block types in the same quilt design, and
  • you can share your designs with others!
To get started, just download Quilt Designer and enjoy creating your own unique designs in no time! To see how the tool works, check out our Slit 'N Sew video tutorials .

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